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Subject: MTN NG Browser Cheats
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1bash 18.01.09 - 07:43pm
Get the latest cheats here anytime there is a change in the settings. Wap.mtnonline.com%2f@site. Got it, work out. *

bcos 19.01.09 - 08:41pm
Kudos very much man! But beware of MTN spies. One luv. *

bcos 26.01.09 - 10:06pm
bros this is not working again, plz try and give your home boyz the MTN wap cheat plz!!!!!!
i sent this msg from my PC at home. one luv. *

bcos 25.05.09 - 09:37pm
can somebody help with new MTN cheat? plz i can't make use of my fone again, o am just using my computer now. one luv! *

1bash 12.06.09 - 11:32am
Latest. Change the ip address to and port to 53 *

alozie 26.06.11 - 07:48pm
more update pls. We ar in need of cheats pls *

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