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Subject: Double dating
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1bash 3.12.08 - 09:29pm
See e get this girl 4 my school in my department that loves me so much and find her way to me. We are now very good friends and something else u all know. And e also get this other girlmy chic in another dept but thesame hostel and we are even taking lecture together. How do i go about it? They are both very beautiful, taking the most beautiful face of their dept. And i love both of them. What should i do? *

akinfola 7.12.08 - 04:04pm
U probably luv wat u r doin dats y u dnt knw wat 2 do.ao do u knw d gals luv u?luv is nt al abt beauty,nt abt fame,or money.it s abt wea u find ur joy,luv is abt 1 u cnt do without.u did bad by goin wit gals who r nt only klose,they mite knw each oda.ds is nt gud,find who ur heart so cherish.pls write english n nt pidgin *

bcos 9.12.08 - 06:39am
Bashir, it is not a new game u are into now, just that the game is very deadly, many ppl have been into the game and some are still in it, if you can play the game fine, but if u loose the game hahaha the two girls will crush u into a brown powder. But remember u cannot luv two girls at thesame time, so my advise for u now is, go for the one ur heart beats for. Bcos bcos bcos girls can be desprate and rmber life has no duplicate. ONE LUV *

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