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bcos 17.11.08 - 02:56am
Is any of us following the mtn project fame, plz send ur contributions and whom u think that worth the 1st prize. Remember u are now the judge. Live Every sat & sun 7pm-8pm on stv lagos. Plz dnt miss it! *

sojfab5 19.11.08 - 02:08pm
frend, am sure u work for stv. well from the last performance i will give my to kojo. *

bcos 22.11.08 - 02:57pm
Kojo is a nice contestant but i think NII is the best and he really deserve the 1st prize. up 'NII' *

1bash 23.11.08 - 09:10am
Bravo, am busy in school running up and down making sure i level up with the class, i never have a chance to watch any programme. In fact am just hearing this. But i ll give mine to myself. Ha ha ha. *

bcos 25.11.08 - 06:34pm
Bashir that program is made for big boys and girls and not for you little ! hahaha! *

bcos 29.11.08 - 07:18pm
i am getting confuse, abisola is not suppose to be evicted while praise is still there, she is far better than praise. some body should please help me and VOTE for NII. one luv ! *

1bash 3.12.08 - 09:06pm
I believe say i no dey among d people wey u say make them they vote o. Naughty big boy. Them go soon evict uself from watching the tv. Ha ha ha oko omoge. *

bcos 9.12.08 - 03:46pm
The program is over now, the result is as follows, inyanya 1st, 2.5M Toyota Rav4 and a recording contract. Nii 2nd 1.5M, and a toyota corola. Praise 3rd, 1M and toyota yaris. And the last but not the list is small but mighty, and she was also the last girl standing, Aneite 1M only. Plz apply 4 next year, and stand a chance of winning any of the above mentioned prizes. One luv and a big thankz to MTN. *

1bash 10.12.08 - 01:05pm
E be like say u don get contract with MTN, You want come use us sell abi. If i get hold of u, i go behead you. *

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