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Subject: Joke mania
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1bash 8.10.08 - 06:25am
We need jokes, post ya joke here *

bcos 8.10.08 - 03:20pm
Thanks 4 dis oppt. 3 men. An ibo, yoruba, & hausa were asked, by OBJ if i giv u N1B each, wat wil u do wit it? De ibo man shouted chinekem'ehh! Int biz offcourse, D hausa man said kai milini! cattle biz, and 2 my greatest surprise D yoruba man said my father & my ground mother are dead & buried without befittn burial, i will give dem world class burial (owa nbe) *

1bash 10.10.08 - 02:43pm
There was this NYSC corp, a stammerer. He was sent to teach in one of this schools. So one morning he was in front of the class taking them english. So he said pro nounce this word 'crocodile' cro cro cro and they all said cro cro cro. He said are are are u all stupid. He now wrote on the board 'Hippopotamus' now lets try this. Hip hip hip, before he could finish, they all said hurray. *

bcos 10.10.08 - 03:13pm
A man told his son dat after his college, dat he wil go 2 the university so dat he can be able to go 4 NYSC, and his boy cried and said NO NO NO daddy i dnt want 2 do NYSC, and his dad asked Y dnt u want 2 do it? And the boy said bcos my frnds said it means NOW YOUR SUFFERENS CONTINUES. And me i dont want my prev sufrenz 2 continue. *

akinfola 13.10.08 - 03:25pm
u guys r ribcrackers,welldone *

bcos 17.10.08 - 03:26am
Mmm Any AJIBO 4 a hansom ajikpa ko like me? Plz feel and demand 4 my contact details. Like de said u can mek ur goat a cow, even an elephant. Am ur mmmaaa! Now, Turn me 2 mmmuuu let me c. U can stil turn me 2 AJI without BO bcos i dont like snacks but meatpie or puff-puff is my fevourite, hahaha na me be de 1 & only BCOS, hav fun as i bring u more jK *

1bash 23.10.08 - 12:04am
See he get this school boy wey cry home come meet him papa say them they call am edward for school. Him papa say shut up, u are not even happy. During my own school days, they call me hammer head of horror. Chai. *

bcos 23.10.08 - 11:41pm
I was slap by a mad a man at jibowu/lagos, today just bcos i was using a bluetooth device 2 answer call. And now I want 2 dash out the bluetooth 2 avoid another dirty slap. But should in case u want to observe a mad man slap, come and tek this devise am not using again. Hahaha *

bcos 14.11.08 - 11:31am
A girl dat called me monkey in january have called me horney in november just bcos of december. So guyz be careful many girlz are looking for who will plent there xmas hair. *

sojfab5 19.11.08 - 02:38pm
omo no b small thing oh..... one guy like dat wey him fada travel since im don supose come back the man no show the guy mumsy tell d boy make him go call him palle 4 fone. the guy reach there call the nos wetin him hear 4 d fone nad number u av dialled is not reachable @d moment pls try again l8ta d guy go tell him mama say na woman pick d call....she no ask question she start 2 shout my husband is a womanizer... omo pple gada 4 yard dey console d woman ,,,,e no to tey d baba show 4 house as d woman see am u wan see dis fight d man confuse..pple start 2 beg madam dem com ask d boy wetin the woman talk nai d boy repeat am..........of course u know wat hapnned next;;;chaow

bcos 17.12.08 - 04:21pm
Watz going on? @all *

1bash 20.12.08 - 01:40pm
Inside a plane, there was this Obasanjo, atiku, and Babangida. Obasanjo looked down of the plane and said i could throw down this 1000 in my hand and make one Nigerian happy. Atiku said i could throw down two 500 and make two Nigerians happy. Babangida said i could throw down five 200 and make five Nigerians happy. The pilot looked at his co-pilot and said i could throw down the three of them and make millions of Nigerians happy. No be me talk am o!!! *

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