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Subject: Msn/yahoo messenger free!
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bcos 6.10.08 - 12:23am
Is totally free try it now, just use Loaded.mtnonline.com@wap.tjat.com choose any one and login ur ID in the space provided. If u did not understand, inbox me and request for our customers help line. Waiting 2 meet u dier. Hahaha@all, smiling 4 u. *

acisky 6.10.08 - 07:08am
It is real man how do u get dat u re a genius,im hvin a problem wit mesanger friend they re empty in my list how c*m *

bcos 6.10.08 - 12:01pm
Acisky my man, empty list dier means non of ur frnd is online. Is dat clear? *

tomtwix 2.11.08 - 12:48pm
I hav shard it wit so many pple n I ws waitn to share it wit pple in 9JAS in pro., i hav alrdy shared it wit naija-single group since n also link it wit lots of pple, i discovad it 2yrz ago durin celtel free wapgprs. Its was cool n awesom, bt am nw usin yahoo go. NB: u can reveal al yur offline frendz frm d settings. Just edit n select all n update it. Is so good bein on ur mob2chat frnds on pcs,bt it doesnt show dat ur on mob wit an icon,bt instead, u look lyj ur using a computa system. Another one is ebuddy, bt dat is a bit slowa. wap.ebuddy.com, u can also download migg33 app, n flurry is ther too.It also elp u log in into ur msger both y! n msn. *

uyvic1 22.06.09 - 10:22pm
Well guys i must confess to u all ebuddy.com is very much real and in fact u can also logon to ur Facebook.com and other dating sites also. *

missmobi 6.07.14 - 06:29am
need sum help im using a nokia im not able get in myyahoo any suggetions ? can u inbox me pls cheers.GIF *

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