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Subject: Who cheat's most?
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bcos 21.09.08 - 06:22am
Among a guy & a girl who cheats most in relationship, and why? *

1bash 21.09.08 - 10:28pm
To be sincere, both i think cheats equally, cos d guy abandone his girl after been 2tru with her and sighting a more beautifull one. And the girl after taking the money and honey of the guy decides to put in for another richer guy. That was bad. Neither of the two s*x is better off. *

sojfab5 22.09.08 - 01:00pm
give it to d boys, dey kno ao to cheat best, ladies do cheat but cant b compared to dat of guys. if am to rate it i wil give guys 70%. *

bcos 22.09.08 - 02:06pm
Sojfab, i disagree wt u. Girlz cheats most, though naturally guyz are born cheaters. But believe me dis dayz girlz cheat's most. *

0038girl 23.09.08 - 02:28am
I agree. Girls cheats the most. *

1bash 25.09.08 - 01:11pm
Waoh, this is really interesting. I like it. We all Cheat, but i think i feel the. I dont even know who to give. *

bcos 7.10.08 - 07:17am
Girlz na una cheat most, any dout? *

1bash 8.10.08 - 05:54am
See i got a real answer. The girls are not just the most cheaters. But the real and master cheaters. I just saw one dating three friends together. Can imagine that? *

mj_model 2.01.09 - 02:05pm
Know need of talkin too much. guys cheat so much.and dey ar all liers.if a gal luvs u she can neva cheat on u.but guys ha....dey wil want to feel among.gals ar bata *

1bash 3.01.09 - 02:35am
Thats one mistake i ll never do. Gals are the weakest and most easy to convince. So they can date anyone with a sweet tongue. And so they are the worst cheater cos they also have the choice to say either yes or no, bt they prefer d yes. Y? *

jatman 7.01.09 - 10:22pm
I agree wit u all do we guy sumtym are cheater and dat go 4 d girls as well.can u all imagine my girl frnd sold me out 4 money wit anothe workin class guy and told her frnd she wasnt in luv wit me.and she wil be d same girl dat wil tel me she wnt give me up 4 anytin in d world.somepeople re jst heartless dat is *

1bash 11.01.09 - 09:51pm
Thats a girl for you. Never trust a girl with your whole heart *

glo_ria 19.01.09 - 08:45pm
No nw, dnt compare dt, it clearin dt d gals cheat mre dan d guyz. Bigups 4 us jo. *

glo_ria 19.01.09 - 08:45pm
No nw!! dnt compare dt, it clearin dt d gals cheat mre dan d guyz. Bigups 4 us jo. *

1bash 31.01.09 - 11:23pm
I trust. Do you also cheat@ glo_ria *

glo_ria 4.02.09 - 10:52am
Imagne, ofcourse i do, lie u dnt, mk i slap u tru dis fne.lol *

bcos 4.02.09 - 10:47pm
Glo_rie, dnt tell me u are serious. U mean u girlz cheats most, and u are also proud of been cheaters. Sorry 4 girlz. *

1bash 6.02.09 - 04:44pm
Waoh, i no fit lie. Meself they cheat well. Infact, i they play 3 gals 2geda and nothing do me. U fit tear me slap on top phone? Ha ha. Meself get juju, i go give u low battery now. Try me and c. *

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