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jadafix 17.09.08 - 08:59pm
In any case, is it right 4 a guy 2 hit a lady, n y ur answer?. *

1bash 17.09.08 - 11:13pm
Its not right, but some cir tances might call for it. Just to straighten things. *

bcos 18.09.08 - 08:11am
Normally is not right, but aggresively it is approved. But u must beg and pet her, 2 stronger de friendship. *

yuspapa 29.09.08 - 08:54am
It's nt right.No mata d condition,u must learn 2 controll yourself *

1bash 3.01.09 - 03:01am
Although i dont beat girls, but there are some girls that if u dont beat them, they will never have sense. Take it or leave it, thats it. *

jatman 7.01.09 - 10:27pm
Beatin up ladies is nt right at all kno mata wat happen ladies wil alway be a lady.and as d guy if u beat up a girl it shows u are nt responsible *

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