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Subject: Free Sms On The Net.
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1bash 7.08.08 - 10:01am
Wadja.com 3jam.com sms4free.50webs.com smspop.com testnigeria.org All this are sms sites that goes free to any mobile network. Enjoy it *

bcos 7.08.08 - 10:32am
Boy dont confuse us. Such things does not exist....... *

1bash 8.08.08 - 11:41pm
Guy dont be a doubting thmos. Just try it out and give me d reply. *

fisybabe 12.08.08 - 01:00pm
Pls,is it thru google or i enta it thru d bukmark tanx *

1bash 12.08.08 - 08:02pm
Take either way u prefer. *

1bash 18.01.09 - 07:36pm
Check this out, the latest am using @ present. Just register and follow normal links. Mjoy.com *

raphio 19.01.09 - 09:56am
mjoy is the best because unlimited characters, only 95 characters with wadja *

uyvic1 22.06.09 - 10:40pm
9jaz is real www.mjoy.com for free sms. *

baba4god 20.09.10 - 02:12pm
Mjoy is nonsense bcos u hve to survey which does not work on my phone *

vkunal 23.11.10 - 08:16pm
Hi, i hav joind recently tell me can we also send free sms from our inbox msgs throu mjoy *

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