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Subject: Does luv really exist?
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bcos 18.06.08 - 11:46pm
Some time i wonder if luv still exist. Why i asked this question is bcos mejority of our youth is making friend just 2 have s*x. *

1bash 19.06.08 - 07:29am
Yes, love really exist. But most love are not true. *

bcos 19.06.08 - 09:08am
Ibash why do u make friend? *just be sincere* *

sunbola 21.06.08 - 08:15am
Ibash luv still exist but nowadays d luv we have is not true, because true luv is hard 2 get. *

1bash 21.06.08 - 09:22pm
Well well well i make friends for many reason depending on the type of person. I make some friend to have fun, some to keep me company, and so on. But to be sincere, i make some to have s*x. *

akinfola 24.07.08 - 01:22pm
If only s*x can b out of datin,then u can say true luv exists.then widaot s*x,u are luved 4 who u a and not bcos of lust *

1bash 25.07.08 - 09:38pm
Great!!! I think thats just it.But to be candid, true love will later lead to s*x. *

bcos 25.07.08 - 09:48pm
Bash u mean after marriage? *

dolcela 29.07.08 - 02:19pm
I bealiwe in this topic *

bankey 9.08.08 - 06:28pm
Well ibash i tynk dis is a big problm.u knw d mentality mst youths are grown up wif is bad.we nid 2 change our orientatn concernin dis word cald s*x.s*x is a luvly tyn if done by d ryt ppl at d ryt tym.bt i guez dre's a craze in town nw u knw d 'i wana get d 'madnes.smtymz i tynk dre's a virus invadn youths causn crazy s*xual hunger.TRU LUV is posible bt it also has itz own pains nd sacrifices.itz abt accomodatn nd toleratn wat u hate most. *

09vinay 2.09.08 - 09:03pm
I beliv in true love i feel that last sunday it's Amazing really,. I never forget that feeling, true Love never Dies,... *

hayvian 6.09.08 - 06:59pm
Yes, true luv still exist but depends on 20% to 80%. 20% for true luv & 80% for other loves. Sincere for our youth there is no true luv 4 dem coz they choose s*x above luv. *

keshcide 16.09.08 - 11:05pm
Well love really exist but its hard 2 find n most love is not 2ru...ppl do fake love cos of s*x *

1bash 17.09.08 - 11:05pm
Perfectly right, and is applicable to 80% of us. That is if to be sincere. *

bcos 23.09.08 - 04:09am
Great topic 4 great ppl. Thankz 4 ur contribution in dis my luvly topic. I must say dat luv stil exist, but the piller and strong hold of tru luv is s*x. So the two things (luv&s*x) works 2geda 4 gud and tru feelings of ur partner. Thanks *

1bash 28.09.08 - 04:09am
Bcos, i strongly disagree with the fact that love and s*x are together. Could you say the love your Mum have for you came together with s*x? Impossible. So forget about love and s*x together. People might love each other and not have s*x. That doesn't mean its not real. You may just use s*x to complement the love between you too if you desire. But not part of it. *

bcos 29.09.08 - 11:35pm
Bashir bliv me, luv&s*x work 2geda 4. Eg, my dad luved my mum, & he had s*x with her, dats why som1 like me is existing 2day. I am s*x, a product of luv. *

1bash 1.10.08 - 02:37pm
I believe that if your mum and dad had done it with the wrong person and at the wrong time, you wouldn't have been their child, but a . Please do it at the right time with the right person. Take control *

bcos 2.10.08 - 12:32am
Thmos, now u bliv dat true luv goes with delicious s*x. See my man any time both s*x agree's 2 mek luv 2 each other, dat is the right time. Hahaha honestly s*x is more than delicious when done with som1 u luv. *

1bash 3.01.09 - 02:46am
s*x is not delicious, its only pleasurable and no good except at the right time with d right partner. Everybody just try zip up or condomise. *

glo_ria 19.01.09 - 08:34pm
1bash,true luv cn neva lead 2 s*x. Bcos afta s*x it wld nt b true luv anylnger. Bt y re guyz selfish? *

jamgod 25.01.09 - 01:59am
i'm a firm believer that love doesn't exist, it's just a feeling we get wen our bodies secrete certain chemicals, the same chemicals are present in chocolate so if u wanna feel all loved up, eat some snickers *

bcos 26.01.09 - 10:10pm
Hey!!!!!!!!! dont mistake this topic, believe me and believe in your self too, LUV really exit. if you have not found one plz check and re-check again you will find one true luv one day. i wish you the best of luck as you go out to search for your true luv. one luv ........ *

jamgod 29.01.09 - 03:32am
bcos do u ever stop and think that if true love really exists it wouldn't need to be found? if i was a believer in love i'd define it as something that is unplanned, natural and sincere, i mean if u try to find love it would be the same as trying to fall in love, my point is if love is true u won't need to try and find it, it'll find u, as for me, i'll continue to enjoy my snickers *

1bash 31.01.09 - 10:45pm
Love really exists. If u find love, s*x is just a way of appreciating it. And c glo_ria, guyr are not selfish cos its a mutual pleasure btw d 2.so no selfishnesr at all. *

bcos 2.02.09 - 10:37am
Hahaha! Where r those galz dat hav been lukin 4 true luv? Bcos is here 4 u. But the luv wil expire wen u refuse 2 react wt me... Honestly i am a symbol of true luv, u can try me... Hahahaha! Dnt play wt fire. Warning *

1bash 2.02.09 - 12:14pm
You get mouth but no action. Ha ha ha *

bcos 3.02.09 - 09:20am
U wey get mouth, where is ur action? @1bash...... *

1bash 6.02.09 - 10:50am
U wey de far, how u want c my action. *

saheed08 14.02.09 - 07:18am
Yes dere is true luv, but do dat check around 4 it don't get it.why? *

bcos 14.02.09 - 08:29am
Plz still check around, *

1bash 16.02.09 - 07:04am
You know that love is blind, you keep searching untill you find one. Thats why we are players. Ha ha ha *

vuyie2 22.08.09 - 05:03am
Love really exist it is difficult to tell who trully love you but to God nothing is difficult at all,he is love unlike other people that take us for granted instead he shows us his divine love but because we seek love elsewhere we cannot see that.The truth is his love is true. *

baba4god 20.09.10 - 07:50pm
Yes true lve exist why can't u all dat d agape lvu is really in existence *

baba4god 20.09.10 - 07:56pm
See untill u know dat JESUS died 4 ure sins u still keeping beating around d bush *

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